Look Beyond Legacy Indexes:
Bring changing markets back into focus

Rapid technology adoption is transforming industries, shifting the dynamics of global markets and investing. Ripe with disruptive challenges, this new environment also presents global investors with opportunities for differentiation. Identifying these opportunities requires a set of tools and an index partner built for this new environment.

FT Wilshire GEMS

The clear alternative to legacy global equity indexes.

Legacy global equity indexes have struggled to evolve with modern markets. Many are unnecessarily complex and costly to manage. Others are significantly less representative of the market segments they were originally designed to cover.  

To navigate this new market environment, investors need a better benchmark — one that not only meets the standards of current indexes but actually addresses these shortcomings.  A truly global index series as comprehensive, investable, transparent, and modular as these legacy products, but built on a modern technology platform by index veterans who understand their constraints and your frustrations with the current choice of providers. 

Introducing FT Wilshire Global Equity Market Series (GEMS): The new world-class global equity index series unconstrained by legacy issues. 

The constraints of legacy benchmarks make it difficult for global investors to identify opportunities in markets disrupted by change. To introduce our Look Beyond series, CEO Mark Makepeace explains why the world needs a new kind of index provider.

The New Forces Transforming Global Markets & Investing

Mark Makepeace, our CEO and a pioneer of the industry, provides context on the new dynamics confronting investors, spotlighting changes that are transforming global markets.

Why the World Needs a Different Kind of Index Provider

Your ability to identify opportunities in changing markets is limited by the constraints of legacy indexes. CEO Mark Makepeace explains why a new kind of provider is needed.

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